2012 Luncheons

Date Speaker Topic
January 18 Russ Teets Utah Adventure
February 8 Bonnie Mandell-Rice Wild Animal Sanctuary
March 21 Larry Dorsey Colorado Railroad Museum
April 11 Leon Mason Iceland
May 16 Tom Fesing United States Mint
May 22 10:45am Denver Mint personnel United States Mint Tour
June 20 John Salvadore Machu Picchu
July 18 Sheila Bolsover A Visit to New Zealand; The North Island
August 25 n/a Annual Fall Picnic
September 19 Tom Keller Nikola Tesla
October 17 Hon. Richard Gabriel Our Courts
November 28 (note change in date) Randy Schow Mountain States Children's Home
December 19 n/a Annual Christmas Party

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