2013 Luncheons

Date Speaker Topic
January 16 Gale Cochran, Carol Dwyer, Jeri Sampson Intercambio
February 13 Dr. Robert Cohen Ocean Thermal
March 20 Kristen Tucker, Bill Myers Mental Wellness Center
April 17 Dick Life Honor Flights
May 15 Carl Bird Rockhound/Lapidary
June 19 Greg Glischinski AARP
July 17 Betty Kilsdonk, Jacki Myers City of Boulder Seniors
August 24 n/a Annual Fall Picnic
September 18 John Salvadore Chaco Canyon (New Mexico)
October 16 Annie Levinsky Denver Story Trek
November 20 Shelley Black Color of Light - how it impacts your health and productivity
December 18 n/a Annual Christmas Party

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