2017 Luncheons

Date:                   Speaker:                         Topic:

January 18           Patrick Rooney                  Angel of Innisfree

February 15          A National Geographic Presentation       Where’s Amelia Earhart?

March 15              Amanda Williams             Boulder Humane Society

April 19                Emily Zinn                      Boulder History Museum 

May 17                 Denise Perreault             Arts Parts

June 21                Patrick Rooney                The Acheron Deception

July 19                Nicole                              Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

August 26              n/a                                Annual Fall Picnic  

September 20       Alex Hyde-Wright             Boulder County by Bike

October 18           Leslie Brodhead               The History of Fall River Road 

November 15       Russ Teets & Marc            Utah Backpacking Trips

December 20          n/a                              Annual Christmas Party              

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