2020 Luncheons

Date:                   Speaker:                         Topic:

January 15           Bev Kurtz                         Writing about your passion

February 26          Kate Laubacher                 Meals on Wheels (in Aspen Birch Room)

March 18               Samantha Frazee             Boulder County Foster Care - rescheduled

April 15                 Karri Smith                      Senior activities - cancelled

May 20                 Samantha Frazee             Boulder County Foster Care - Zoom Mtg

June 17                 Michelle Auerbach           Resilience: Life-Saving Skill of Story 

                                                                 Paperback - Zoom Mtg

July 15                  Kathy Pirie                     Old Mill Park - Zoom Mtg

August 19              Paul Melroy                     Veterans Community Project

                                                                  Veterans Community Project presentation

September 16        Laura Liotino & Mark Betz  Inn Between  -  Zoom Mtg 

October 21            Gale Cochran                    Trip to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman & United Arab Emirates  "Link to online presentation"

November 18         Ann Macca                       Longmont Museum, Curator of Education

December 16         Bev Kurtz                           Gross Dam expansion 

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