2021 Luncheon Topics

Date:                   Speaker:                         Topic:

January 20           Tracy Knick                      IBM P-Tech program

February 17          Andy Minden                     Ramble on Pearl Store

March 17               Bev Kurtz                        Gross dam expansion update

April 21                 Kathy Pirie                       P.E.O. - a Philanthropic Education Org

May 19                 Gale Cochran                    Uganda & Rwanda

June 16                 Charlie Lujan                   Van Gogh’s Van Gogh video

July 21                  Stevan Kukic                   Recovery Cafe

August 18 or 28     Annual Picnic (we hope)

September 15       Road Scholar virtual         Causes of the First World War

October 20            Greg Elliot                       Visiting Angels        

November 17         Kat Arnedo                      Community Food Share

December 15          Virtual Christmas Lunch

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