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  • Medicare reimbursement: If you retired from IBM before 1997 and are Medicare eligible OR you are Medicare disabled regardless of retirement date, go to Acclaris and create an account to apply for reimbursement. If you have trouble or questions, call them at 813-876-4330.
  • IBM Logo merchandise

 IBM Club: The IBM Club has a new website for discounts. If you wish to use it, you need to register: www.ibmalumni.com. If you have trouble with it, send a note to IBMalumni@aol.com.

Boulder Center Optimist Club: The Boulder Central Optimist Club is made up of men and women from age 50 to almost 100. They are dedicated to helping the youth of Boulder County.

Members volunteer for youth events and fund raisers. Because of the age of the members there is not a lot of pressure to get involved in these efforts but all help is appreciated. On average about 40 members and guests attend meetings each Thursday morning at the Boulder West Senior Center. The coffee is always ready by 9 and donuts show up slightly later. Reminiscing and discussing the events of the day takes place in small informal groups until the official meeting time at 10am. Each week about 40 minutes of the one hour meeting is reserved for a guest speaker.

Retired IBMers in the group include Jim Buck, Doug Enders, Jim Hahn, Charlie Jenkins, Don Johnson, Betsy Noyes and Al Zack. Come be our guest any Thursday or call one of the above to learn more.

Note from fellow QCC Member: I just discovered that some states (including Colorado and New Jersey) have the legal requirement that any prescription filled in their state MUST state the expiration of the drug as ONE YEAR from the FULFILLMENT DATE. I discovered this when one of my mail in prescriptions (through Medcohealth) was filled in New Jersey. I was puzzled why the previous shipment of the same prescription expired AFTER the new shipment. So I called Medcohealth and was told of this requirement AND was also told that they keep of record of the true expiration date so that all one has to do is to call in and get the true prescription date. As for Colorado: when I had a prescription filled locally, same thing - a one year expiry. Now I will ask the pharmacist to give me the expiry date from the container from which the prescription was filled.

-- Marda Buchholz

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