The IBM Boulder Quarter Century Club is an organization of dues-paying members in the Boulder, Colorado area with a minimum of 25 total years of service as IBM employees or IBM/Ricoh RPPS employees.

QCC Dues

Club dues are still just $3.00 per year (a quarter per month).

You can pay as many years in advance as you wish.

Your dues pay for speakers' lunches, the QCC part of our annual picnic, the Christmas party, QCC pens, new member packets and much more. Please pay your annual dues in a timely manner.

Please take a moment to check the two-digit year code on the mailing label of your newsletter. This indicates through when your dues have been paid. If your mailing label year code is 14, your dues expired at the end of 2014. If you haven't received a newsletter in a while, please send your dues to our office. If you get your newsletter electronically, call the QCC office to find out your membership expiration date - 303-924-5882.

To pay your dues, send your dues ($3.00 per year) to:

IBM Boulder QCC
Mail drop 001Q
6300 Diagonal Highway
Boulder, CO 80301

If you have not paid dues before, please print and fill out this membership form and send it along with your payment. If you have Microsoft Word, you can fill in this .docx file instead.

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